SHIFT Apartment Case Study

Location: San Diego, CA
Units: 368
Products: Arize Water Leak Detector, Arize Smart Hub
Result: Saved $250,000 in water damage
New Incidents: 0

The Challenge

  • Stopping water leak damages that were costing a well-known multifamily group more than $250,000 annually
  • Avoiding the onset of mold, which leads to further spiraling costs and diminished return on investment (ROI)
  • Addressing multiple leak locations (e.g., PRV valves, in-unit kitchen sinks, etc.)
  • Supporting the property’s resident retention goals while elevating the group’s market value

The Arize Solution

  • Crafting a proposal that would net SHIFT greater peace of mind and stronger ROI
  • Equipping the property’s water sources with Arize smart water leak detectors
  • Reviewing areas on the property that were at high risk for water leaks
  • Setting up real-time leak notifications sent right to their phones to enable quick response

Key Facts & Figures


Eliminated in water damage costs


New major water damage incidents

Arize Smart Water Leak Detector

  • Identifies hidden leaks immediately
  • Keeps belongings and property safe from water damage
  • Alerts you via app when water is detected in a resident’s home
  • Attaches easily to any surface or appliance

Arize Smart Water Leak Detector

By choosing Arize smart products, SHIFT was able to protect their brand and maintain their competitive advantage
They saw the following results:

  • No more spiraling maintenance costs
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Long-term asset protection
  • Improved market appeal
  • Higher resident retention rate
  • Lasting peace of mind
  • Financial flexibility

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