Who Are We?

Arize engineers smart devices that reduce operating expenses, generate ancillary rental income, and increase occupancy and retention.

The Arize Mission

We develop automated smart technology solutions exclusively for multifamily communities, introducing them to simplified property management and enhancing their resident experience. Our automated solutions help owners tap into new streams of revenue, mitigate property risks, and elevate the viability of their assets.
An apartment living room with the Arize Smart Hub and Arize Smart Lock in the background.

Why Arize Stands Out

We’re Owner-Centric

We never force you to invest in anything that will adversely affect your business. Instead, we identify your needs and help you self-select the right community solutions.

We’re Privately-Funded

Our business plan isn’t determined by our share price. Since we’re tech partners with VeSync, we have the time and resources to go against the grain and innovate for you.

Two people shaking hands.
We’re Strategic Partners

Our success is directly tied to your success. We stick with you after installing your devices. Road mapping, investment strategy, scaling...we’re there so you can flourish.

An apartment complex behind a Wi-Fi icon.
We’re For Your Community

Our smart products transform any apartment into a secure, ultra-comfortable automated home, an attractive amenity to offer your current and prospective residents.

Flexibility Like No Other

We’ll Never Leave your Side – And That’s A Promise

We’re willing to integrate with brands your staff or residents currently use to ease the transition to our smart tech. this flexibility helps us maximize your ROI and minimize your worries.
A finger adjusting the Honeywell Smart Thermostat.

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