Automated Apartment Living
At Your Fingertips

Transform the way you interact with your apartment, whether you’re unlocking your front door, dimming your lights, or setting the temperature to the perfect degree.

Who We Are

Arize is a part of VeSync, one of the most respected brands in all of tech. We design intuitive smart solutions that provide security, safety, and convenience to apartment residents and their communities. Our philosophy: the smarter our technology is, the simpler your life will be.

Why Choose Arize?

Unlike other providers, we don’t just sell you devices and leave you to fend for yourself. We assign a dedicated troubleshooting expert to your community to resolve any issues you have with your devices. We also handle all device replacements and upgrade installations free-of-charge.

Why Smart Tech?

Remote Device Control

Use a single app to interact with your
devices and modify your settings

Easy To Install

Our team will install all devices within your preferred time frame, no property demolition required

Set And Forget

Our intelligent devices have the
capacity to fully automate aspects of
your daily routine

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